Welcome to your Florida InfoGuide Survey

How many times have you visited the Tampa Bay area?

Where did you stay?

How long was your stay?

Did you?

During your stay, did you take public transportation?

Did you rent a car?

How many miles did you travel while you were here?

Where did you pick up the InfoGuide?

Did you take home the InfoGuide?

What was your favorite part of the InfoGuide?

How many InfoGuide coupons did you use?

Did you use the InfoGuide the entire time you were here?

How many restaurants did you dine at?

If you had to change the InfoGuide, how would you change it?

If there anything you would add to the InfoGuide?

Did you use social media while on vacation?

If yes, which ones?

How much of your buying decisions were determined by social media?



Address / City / State / Zip / Country

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